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A cross-country trip in mind...

In J̶u̶n̶e̶ July 2020, I plan on uprooting my life and traveling as a hermit to several hotspots in the U.S. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, I've received mixed responses from those closest to me, some saying I should stay put in Winchester, and some pushing for it, and some suggesting I wait a couple more months before making up my mind. After much needed meditation, I've decided that I will push forward with the trip no matter what. Here are the reasons why:

I'm willing to explore various tactics to avoid infection; to treat my own person as though I'm already infected, so as to promote maximal sanitation. This is a new way of life that I believe everyone must get used to.

I'm currently 25 with youth on my side and I won't have this passion for travel forever. I'm young and stupid, as we all were at one point, and I find this trip essential to finding my rightful place in this world- to finding myself.

According to statistics, this epidemic in America will be peak in May, so I expect things to cool by June. I've always wanted to see Nashville, New Orleans, and Orlando, of all places- NOLA has become the third largest epicenter in the US where the virus broke out. Give it a few months from now and I bet their sanitation standards for the city will be glorious. Even now, I think America is beginning to realize how unsanitary things can be and how unhygienic some people can be. But we're also adaptive people, and who knows? We might give Singapore a run for their money in terms of sanitation standards.

The gig economy is slowing down and much of my work has gone online. This couldn't be a more perfect time to uproot my life from the rural side of the NoVA.

Of course, I'll be traveling quietly, alone, and hopefully without drawing too much attention- as the introvert I am! And I'll video record much of my journey and share it when the time is right.

If you've read up to this point, thank you. Thanks for caring enough about my whereabouts and my activities as a fellow artist you know. I want to give the world so, so much more than I do now, and I feel this trip is exactly what I need to remedy my quarter-life crisis. Stay tuned for more news!

UPDATE: I gave it much thought and I've decided to begin my adventure right at the end of June. I'll document my explorations and publish a YouTube vlog once I develop a storyline.

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