With experienced session musicians, record your tunes in real time.

Colorful Macaroons

Your Music Releasing Partner

MC Music Publishing specializes in effective music releasing approaches that help you focus on the music and spend least time worrying about logistics. Our music publisher will release your single, extended play, or album through a renowned distribution company. This way you're able to assemble a devoted following far more quickly. You and your audience will get to know each other faster if you release songs more frequently. This is what our community does to bring you the deserved recognition.

Free Consultation for Your Musical Journey

Biggest challenge for new musicians and artists is to grasp on the perfect opportunity that helps them kick start or boost their musical journey. Before making a final choice, we think that all clients should have access to our knowledge and skills, as well as strategic guidance. MC Music Publishing genuinely wants you to conquer the music industry; after all, our mission is to connect you with different artists. We want you to develop beneficial relationships with people outside this community, not just with the artists we have in our community.

For this purpose, we believe you deserve to know everything you are going to get and everything you have been missing out on all this time. A musician should never consume his time in negotiations, pitching and all the background work. MC Global Publishing understands the importance of monetization through live performances and music streamings. Maybe your music was only missing one thing? Proper pitching to the right entities.

Artist in you only needs a little guidance and polishing and we are sure you can make your mark out there. We provide a free consultation service before you decide to sign under MC Global Music Publishing. Schedule your free consultation and see which of our services is ideal for your situation. 

Free, Unlimited Cloud Storage & Company Email

All the artists signed under the MC Global Music Studio Publishing imprint get unlimited cloud storage without extra costs. You can access your files from any location with an internet connection if you use our cloud storage. This also acts as a backup for your valuable data and you no longer have to worry about storage problems once you are signed with us.

For internal and external communications with corporate agents and clients, we set up a professional email for our clients, too.

Hide and Seek

Guardians of a Gifted Child

MC Global Music Studio is where your child learns to flourish musically. Whether they are passionate about singing, want a virtual experience with a professional music teacher or want to learn a new musical instrument, they will need help polishing their skills. We guide and train musically gifted children in order to help them express themselves with their music confidently. Our teachers are revered as they foster a true love for music, encourage confidence through music, and empower our students to achieve their goals. 


Our vision is to enrich people's lives by making music. And our mission is to be the best global provider of tools and resources for learning, teaching, and creating music.


At MC Global Music Studio, we help children:

  • Develop and polish their innate musical skills and ignite their musical passion 

  • Enhance their talent and stand out from other musicians

  • Experience a well-rounded musical education which helps develop their confidence, by allowing music to interact with other disciplines

  • Learn how to effectively collaborate with others in music creation

  • Get a successful and invaluable start to their musical careers