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Randy MC is an artist that epitomizes the very essence of the modern era. He is a multitalented Pianist-Singer-Songwriter, Music Director, Arranger, and Teacher of Western Art and Contemporary Commercial Music.

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What we Offer


Piano Lessons

The piano’s history is rich with culture! With idioms like Western Art and Jazz music, the piano has a sound for everyone. I can help you get started, learn keyboard harmony, or improvise on a jazz tune.


Music Theory Lessons

Music theory is the study of what music is, and how musicians and composers make music. Music theory is theoretical, philosophical, and also practical! It’s understanding concepts like harmony, instrumentation, and score analysis!


Voice Lessons

I follow the principle, "If you can talk, you can sing," and I transform vocalists by helping them unlock their true, authentic voice through their songs of interest and vocalises, which are exercises designed to strengthen your voice.