Meet MC Global Music Publishing

We’ll take care of your back-end so that you can focus on what matters. We’ve been helping indie musicians collect royalties, generate income, and publish music to date.

MC Global Music Publishing specializes in assisting indie musicians with distribution, publishing, and collecting royalties. We make your back-end efficient and seamless, saving you time to focus on your other responsibilities. As an indie artist, you are often forced to wear many hats. Reprioritize what matters in your business, and we’ll handle your back-end to maximize your time and earnings. 

How do we do this? 

By ensuring that all of your tracks have as diverse a digital footprint as possible. We want to get your music everywhere, on all platforms, allowing you to maximize your royalty earnings. We’re all about supporting indie musicians, and we’ll save your time by handling your collections, distributions, and publishing needs.  

We use the best technology in the market to deliver a professional publishing experience for indie artists everywhere. Our creative team is on-hand to help you get your music across multiple platforms, improve your digital brand and publish more music today.

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Publishing Services We Offer

MC Global Music Publishing has a team of music experts that handle all the logistics behind properly releasing your music. We’ll manage everything that is needed in order to distribute, release, and collect royalties for your music!

This imprint service is perfect for indie artists who want to save time to focus on what matters, like practicing for the next gig or producing music.

Check out our services in more detail below. Got a question? Connect with the team now by scheduling an appointment below.

Music Publishing
We’re passionate about you and your brand.

  • Partner with a renowned distribution company so your releases gain popularity more quickly. 

  • Build beneficial relationships with successful artists.

  • Release new songs more frequently to let your audience get to know you.

  • Assemble a devoted following and start earning the recognition you deserve.

How We're Unique


Our vision is to enrich people's lives by making music. And our mission is to be the best global provider of tools and resources for learning, teaching, and creating music.


At MC Global Music Studio, we help children:

  • Develop and polish their innate musical skills and ignite their musical passion 

  • Enhance their talent and stand out from other musicians

  • Experience a well-rounded musical education which helps develop their confidence, by allowing music to interact with other disciplines

  • Learn how to effectively collaborate with others in music creation

  • Get a successful and invaluable start to their musical careers