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Create the Music,
We'll do the Rest

We’ll take care of distribution, publishing, and collecting royalties so that you can focus on what matters.

Distribution made simple for artists

Partner with MC Global Music Publishing to get your music everywhere on all platforms, allowing you to maximize your royalty earnings.

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Your Partner in Releasing Music

We specialize in effective music releasing strategies that will get your music out there into the world without costing your time and budget.

Improve your Music's Visibility 

Your music deserves to be heard. We have an extensive network of radio stations around the world that we are able to pitch your music

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Royalty Collections, Made Easy

We will securely provide you with your share of your hard-earned royalties, acting as a middle man to ensure your works are properly registered to earn royalties

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We will help you monetize your content through your audience, plus additional services that enlarge the digital footprint of your music. Our services are tailored to guarantee that you will receive royalties from all live performances and streams; from individual listeners streaming your tracks, to businesses using your songs as background music.

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